pressing dice

The composition was built by arranging 720 dice on the bed of the press, and ink was rolled directly onto the face of the die for each impression. on esty

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nyc blizzard 2010

more photos here.


Cash & Carter


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the perfect virtual pinboard

I'm in love with my Pinterest! It is the simplest way to organize anything that inspires. Also, you can pin instantly with the "Pin it" Bookmark. Thank you Cold Brew Labs for an incredibly useful tool!!


just scored prince tickets!!

tonight / msg!!

wintery mix

lovely palette posted by creature comforts, photo by Berta Pfirsich


a 'whatnot' gleeful tree...

made by dottie angel from:
- a dead branch out back
- a thrifted red bucket
- a bag of concrete in the garage
- white paint from the cupboard
- crocheted garlands i made two years ago
- vintage pot holders
- thriftstore figurines, painted
- vintage glass ornaments
- vintage cotton spools
- vintage knitting needles
- straw decorations from my box of 'glee'
- vintage button cards
- crocheted doily circles
- yarn balls from last christmas
- length of knitted cream yarn waiting to be made into a blanket one day
- vintage tablecloth
- thriftstore table painted white
and of course
- antique doilies

thanks flor!

modern ornaments

You can email a house photo to Andrew Neyer and he will make a custom ornament for $20 (+ shipping). nice.



Nice set of French wine glasses found at the Cure Thrift Store.


jay st

ikea bound


two of my favorite people in the world...

...are getting married today.

Love you and can't wait to celebrate with you tonight!!