happy halloween

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fine feathered friends

paper sculptures by Anna Wili Highfield – you can also watch a video short here

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love these pretty little things...

ben or liz – what is this?

double rainbow


Stephen Saxe talks 19th century american type

Turning Lead into Gold: 19th-Century American Type Foundries & Their Specimen Books presented by Cooper Type


apple crisp

tasty breakfast, made with the apples we picked yesterday in High Falls.


We took a drive up the Hudson River Valley yesterday with Alex and Tiffany. Foliage was in high peak, and the weather was gorgeous!

Here's what we managed to pack in our 8 hour round trip...

We took I-87 North towards New Paltz. Our first stop was the Walkway over the Hudson (connecting Highland to Poughkeepsie). It is the longest pedestrian bridge in North America, with spectacular views of the fall colors.

Then we headed over to New Paltz, a little college town that is home to some of the oldest surviving examples of stone houses in North America – dating back to 1689! The town was bustling during lunch hour, so we just grabbed a quick bite and took off to High Falls. Note: next time bring a picnic.

We scooted down to the Scenic Mohonk Rd to High Falls (locals call it the "The Center of the Universe"). Then, we stopped by Mr. Apple's Low spray orchard to pick some fresh apples. Unfortunately, the orchard was slim pickin but we managed to collect an ample supply. Finally, we wrapped up at the high falls, and old stone mill ruins

If we had time we would of hit up the The Mohonk House and Mohonk preserve, but will have til wait until next time...


UNIQLO – triple yes!

Love Uniqlo's New Collection. I also wonder if i could pull off this shaggy do...

Katrina Ford is a dream

Chuck and I celebrated one year in NYC with Celebration (how appropriate) at Grassland Gallery, easily the best $8 spent in months. All their music is available for download under the creative commons license.


pods please

The Pod Ring from The Fells collection in sterling silver and bronze


my little sister.


hello Interhoods

find designers and developers in your hood over at interhoods!

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EmersonMade - exactly my taste!

ill take one of each! check the flowers too!!!