the way the coffee curdles

this has not happened in ages!! Went out for coffee yesterday, and before I could give the barista a tutorial on how to pour soy milk into hot coffee, my cup had become a science experiment with a sugar packet on the side. cry me a river.

Tips to avoid a cup'o science experiment:
1. Shake your soy milk before pouring.
2. Warm up the soy milk to room temp.
3. Pour the soy milk into your cup first.
4. Then pour the coffee, slowly.
5. Bingo - no curdles.


allison said...

oh my gosh... I am making coffee right now and was just lamenting the fact that our homemade soymilk would curdle in the coffee. perfect timing! - allison

Emily Lawrence said...

nice allison! and btw, homemade soymilk – how is it?

allison said...

it's good. we add a wee bit of sugar and vanilla extract because i like how it goes with the coffee. it is a bit grittier than store-bought soymilk, so i usually don't shake up the bottle before pouring it.

we have the soyajoy and a big bag of soybeans ordered in bulk online, and it has lasted us a looong time. definitely cheaper than buying it in the store.