july comes to a close

East Village is loaded with secret gardens (well they are not so secret, here is an interactive map) – we enjoyed a nice stroll thru the 9th St. Community Garden this evening. And while this photo isn't of the garden itself, it is from inside the playhouse in the middle of this urban retreat – felt like a perfect depiction of the day.


get tidy with leaf ties

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what the egg?!

I had to do a triple take at whole foods yesterday, these are ostrich eggs from Jersey - $39.99 a pop!!


Back this NYC!

This might be the best $15 bucks I've spent this month!

New York Compost: Connecting the City to the Soil Back Project.
NY compost want to use low-cost cargo bicycles to collect food scraps from restaurants, containerize them, and deliver them to farmers who would be in the city for farmer's markets and CSA drop-offs. The farmers would then back-haul the food scraps to their farms and process them into compost. Thus creating less waste and better soil - win, win!

They are hoping to launch a pilot program in mid-August to test the viability of this model.

(nearly) raw bites

made these tonight: raw almond butter, raw cashews, raw walnuts, dried cranberries, agave nectar & rolled oats = tasty power snack.


Give it up for Raleigh Denim

Raleigh Denim featured on UNC TV!

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London Transport Posters, 1920s–1940s

opening July 28th at the MOMA


My sister with dinner

We had dinner on my sister's farm in Louisburg NC. Visit Maggie's Produce to see what tasty summer veggies she's selling at the Wake Forest farmer's market.

more picts from last eve

love you Moo!


20 days til

Season 4 begins July 25th on AMC. 10pm/9C.

4th sunset flare / pre works

chuck pre works