shepard fairey detail

houston + bowery


neck and neck

Can a lady have too many cowl necks? These from all saints are lovely


type pile


insects of hair (human)

if you find yourself in seattle buzz over to this show!


holy saints!

I popped into AllSaints new flagship in SoHo and already anticipate hours of my life will be lost in this dressing room. Seriously, if I had my way I would have one of everything! Asymmetrical cuts that flatter, simple twists on classics, and all in my favorite earth-tone schemes – even in summer!
Plus this vintage-inspired retail space is complete with antique fixtures, printing presses, knitting looms and hundreds of Singer sewing machines lining the store front windows...


The 50-year-old posters of Notting Hill Gate Tube...

“Work at Notting Hill Gate Tube station has recently uncovered these amazing advertising posters that date from c1956-1959 when the station’s lifts were removed and replaced by escalators.”
- Mike Ashworth.

via how to be a retronaunt

Grassroots mapping the Gulf oil spill

A group of citizens and activist mappers who are documenting the effects of the BP oil spill by sending inexpensive cameras up in helium balloons and kites, and take aerial photos from up to 1500 ft. All the imagery that is captured is released into the public domain and is free to use or redistribute.

help kickstart this project
see their flickr pool


Now this viral is Hi Tec!

this campaign was Brilliant - check out the making-of!




Scissors glut

Five of the seven pairs of scissors sold or given away last weekend in Charleston

Lauren Haupt Jewelry

finding Lauren's booth this afternoon!

renegade craft fair today!

renegade craft fair today!


The Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash

This film really kicked me into high gear. I feel like we've gotten entirely too passive about our energy consumption. I think of myself as an environmentalist and very proud of the lifestyle changes we've made over the years, but boy, we still have a long way to go!

This thought provoking film looks at our society's addiction to oil and the economic and environmental consequences of this behavior.

From the U.S. Department of Energy's, Robert L. Hirsch: "The world has never faced a problem like Peak Oil. Without massive mitigation more than a decade before the fact, the problem will be pervasive and will not be temporary."

These changes have made our lives healthier, happier and dramatically reduced our environmental impact.
• Taking up dense living
• Ditching the car
• Going vegan: Did you know that the main source of water pollution in the US is not chemical waste but the excrement of farm animals.
• Eating locally
• Choosing energy alternatives: in NYC residents can choose Wind Power, it consists of 100% wind-generated electricity, and costs 4 cents more per kWh than non-renewable (it averages only about $4 more a month)

On deck:
My office has offered up our rooftop patio for gardening - lets get this planting party started!

whoa. this might be my longest blog post ever - enjoy!


spool no. 72

feminine summer threads at spool no. 72

My 2 Faves 4 Free: Phantogram + Caribou

The Beach @ Governors Island Fri 7/16

Lego Hello World