Travel like a human

Airbnb: Find a place to stay. Rent nightly from real people in 3232 cities in 125 countries.

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a whole new hue...just in time for spring!

My friends over at Twelve South just announced their colorful new line of SurfacePads just in time for spring!


A stranded Jon Kirby is featured on NPR...

Due to Volcano whatchamacallit, our friend Jon Kirby has been stranded in London for over a week!! Here is his story featured today on NPR.

Check out Jon Kirby's music blog CarolinaSoul.org dedicated to the celebration and rediscovery of soul music from the Carolinas.

Kirby, we look forward to your return and tales of your European travels...


the trustworthiness of beards

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holy smokes!

this unbelievable photo was taken yesterday as the Iceland volcano sparked internal thunderstorms. Apparently, the ash cloud from Eyjafjallajokull will circle the globe producing stunning sunset and sunrises.

photo by Marco Fulle

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Sew good

Seriously, embroidered invites! I'll have to quote Leiani Marie Labong of Ready Made and just say "This shizz is bananas"

See more of Anna Bond of the Rifle Paper Company


stop. motion. knit. purl.

brilliant commercial for natural gas - see making of here.

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Bon Iver – Come Talk To Me (Peter Gabriel Cover).

listen over at noah kalina's blog

Beginning of an Era: Reynolds Coliseum, 12.2.49

Came across this and thought I would share:

The first game ever played in Reynolds Coliseum, December 2, 1949. The Wolfpack won 67-47 over Washington and Lee University.
Original photograph courtesy of Special Collections, NCSU Libraries.

shannon rankin: paper art

whoa xacto blade perfection!

from haute nature
Shannon Rankin slices maps, manipulates and folds them into spirals, circles and three dimensional surfaces. Rankin's new terrains have texture and form, a new geography. Her style borders on origami, but her approach is reductionist, cutting away to the bare gorgeous minimum.


Tauntaun in our window

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barely spring...

but excited to see the earth tones and textures in the fall collection from J.Crew.

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