Chuck and the art of panoramic photo making

chuck's panoramic of radio city

my photo of chuck taking panoramic of radio city


Bowerbirds – “Northern Lights” Video

lovely song from the NC trio.


Dill-licious Vegan Potato Salad

Picked these potatoes up at the Union Square Farmer's Market - looking forward to dinner...


bold & noble

Bold & Noble: Hand pulled screen prints lovingly made in England. via fancy frills

let the sun shine in!

beautiful day in nyc – bright sun shining in the office kitchen


Future Islands /AN APOLOGY/

/AN APOLOGY/ from 521studies on Vimeo.

again, even more excited for the new album! Future Islands on 3/6 at Nightlight in Carborro – shot by the talent Tim Kiernan.

thanks for this Maggie!

vintage fantasticness

I went to the Antiques Show at Pier 94 to browse a huge selection of vintage clothing, mid-century modern furniture and rare signage... i could browse for days, see snapshots here


Future Islands new album: In Evening Air

out in May! Album art by kymia nawabi

world map

nice modern world map


don't even think about it


adore this!

thanks marc!

big fun! thanks jon kirby