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I visited some clients this week in Glastonbury CT, it is an adorable New England town in the middle of harvest. I was able to spend one morning touring the area and enjoying the beautiful fall scenery.


Give it up for Raleigh Denim

I was just reading ACL and was thrilled to see them covering my friend, Victor Lytvinenko's and his company - Raleigh Denim. He and his wife, Sarah started designing and crafting jeans a couple of years ago with materials that are 98% NC made.

You can pick up your own Lytyinenko originals at Barneys or if you find yourself in Raleigh you can buy direct from factory at 1407 S. Bloodworth St Monday - Friday from 9 - 6.

read the entire ACL entry.

Another for recycled lighting in the NorthWest!

My friend Liz just turned me on to Graypants inc.. They design and build these beautimus pendants from repurposed cardboard boxes.


Organelle, you know how to hang it up right!

Organelle Design: check out the work of these designers out of Vancouver – big inspiration! via HauteNature.


Park Circle Pizza Co.

Got a vegan pizza from our new pizzeria - it was delicious, and ready in 10 mins!