Wesley, the thinker.

This is my pharmacist Wesley, the thinker, you can find him at the drive thru window at the CVS on East Montague.

20 cents

Got a kick out of this – the USPS left this card for my friend liz.


type memory, i want to play!

game of memory designed by Brazilian design studio ps.2, comes complete with a typographical glossary and history of each font. via twig & thistle


olivia bee...

...gorgeous self-portraits and she's only 15 years old! thanks oh joy for the find.


Time-Lapse Videos of Massive Change on Earth

Wired has collected timelapse videos of Massive Change that has happened to the Earth over the past decade, the urbanization of Dubai is jaw dropping. see all the videos at wired.


my happy workspace

I spent the day yesterday refreshing my studio space. I painted the walls, stained the concrete (didn't turn out quite the way it looked in the home depot brochure - but, i think it works), and got a pretty new chair (thanks adrienne). now a happy work space.


happy father's day

This is a picture from my 3rd birthday – it is one of my favorite pictures of my dad and I. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him. Happy Father's Day.


Amelia Shields identity

I'm working on the new identity and website for Amelia Shields, here is a glimpse. Stay tuned for website launch...


Beeglow made wedding bouquet

My friend Taylor had Beeglow make her wedding bouquet into a lantern. Beautiful Taylor!


Fanfarlo: Reservoir: $1 for a limited time

check here. thanks to mike joosse for sharing this.


office in the woods

when we finally break down and take a trip to Spain, I would like to visit this office in the woods outside of madrid. via Dezeen


pepper perfectly positioned

love this photo - look closely, it doesn't get anymore perfect.

lavendar, navy + periwinkle

Me at sarah's wedding in a very blue bathroom, in a very blue dress - Stay tuned for photo gallery from Austin..

FADER celebrates David Byrne's life & work

"Anxiety and angst can certainly produce some interesting work, but it's not the only way to make music. I'm also not as obsessive and crazy as I used to be." -David Byrne

This month FADER is celebrating the life and work of David Byrne. Terrific article and interesting guided tours of his office – in three parts 1, 2, 3. enjoy

Yapta, Mapta, Bapta...best travel source ever...

check out Yapta, it might be the best travel site ever. It will track ticket prices and let you know when the prices drop! I'm tracking a flight from Charleston to Barcalona right now... If the price is right I may finally get to see Alhambra with my own eyes.


A girl.

watch this


new iPhone and all its perks

read along here. via engaget


Anthropologie + Hatch Show + Austin TX

Just got my June 09 Antropologie Catalog – the music addition, a Hatch Show Print and Anthro Collaboration. It is complete with beautiful vintage signs & typography and photographed in Austin, TX (which I leave for this thursday). They've also used Musicans as models – those striking a pose are the annuals, au revoir simone, honey honey and more...

hypothetical wes anderson film festival

beautiful work by graduate student alex cornell – see the entire collection.

via mike joose

a shirt: defrupped

I reworked this shirt into something a little more flattering for the summer by simply removing the sleeves, reattaching the cuffs and using the excess scrap as a belt. Now, if only I had some shoulder pads...